WOW! Moments at Golden Living Taylorsville

At Golden Living Taylorsville, we know that each and every one of our senior residents has unique passions, dreams, or memorable life experiences. As a part of the Blue Harbor mission, the senior care staff at Golden Living seek to create personalized, memorable moments for our residents. Whether a resident has always wanted to meet their favorite author or wants to learn how to play the piano, we find a way to make these dreams a reality. Read on to learn about the most recent WOW! Moments at Golden Living Senior Living in Taylorsville, Utah.

Honoring Joyce

The Golden Living Taylorsville team recently celebrated the life and accomplishments of our sweet resident Joyce Maki. Having served the community in countless ways and through valiant efforts, our team at Golden Living wanted to honor her [...]

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Rory Turns 15!

At Golden Living Taylorsville, everyone deserves a WOW! Moment, even our furry friends. One of our residents, Ellen, has a Polish Lowland Sheepdog named Rory, who was turning 15 years old. Sweet Rory has been a gentle and sweet companion to Ellen and many of the residents, so we decided to throw him a party! [...]

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A Table for Twelve

Our team at Golden Living Taylorsville recently hosted a surprise dinner for our beloved resident, Margaret Slack. We prepared a table for twelve and invited family members to celebrate and honor her. Each member was given the opportunity to share special memories and any funny stories they could recall [...]

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Honoring Woodie for Her Service

One of our beloved assisted living residents, Woodie, served in the Vietnam War. When we heard that the Utah Assisted Living Association would be honoring veterans at this year's annual conference, we decided it would be a great idea to take Woodie to the conference to be honored for her service. Woodie got a chance to meet the keynote speaker, Keni Thomas, a US Army Ranger veteran and country music star, who [...]

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Compassion First

Our active senior living community is focused on making sure our senior residents live the most fulfilling lives they can. Golden Living Taylorsville has been serving Utah's seniors since 1978. Our compassionate senior care staff show genuine care for our residents, providing the support and assistance they need, all while finding ways to enrich their lives through new hobbies and experiences.

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